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24 inch Decorative Wooden Cedar Pilings

24 inch Decorative Wooden Cedar Pilings

Item #:38-520
List Price:$59.95
This item has been discontinued.

Wayzata Nautical is proud to be your source for these beautiful cedar three tiered decorative pilings. Are you trying to create a nautical garden theme? Are you working on a nautical landscape project? These decorative nautical pilings make landscaping easy! Made of cedar, our pilings give that nautical look by themselves, or used as a fence. Decorative on a porch, around sidewalks, in your garden, business entry ways, parking lots - wherever your need a nautical touch. Over time your pilings will acquire a weathered look. These nautical pilings make an appealing and functional outdoor nautical decor accent!

Our 3-tier Nautical Pilings are high quality products that are built to last. These pilings are made from 100% cedar logs and generally stand around 24 inches tall. The exact measurements for each piling will vary slightly. Each log has an approximate diameter of between 5 and 6 inches. The total circumference is approximately 24 inches and the pilings weigh around 15 pounds. This is a very sturdy product - the three pilings are well secured to each other and are wrapped three to four times on both the top and bottom with 1/2 inch rope. Additional rope can be purchased separately if you would like to create a decorative nautical themed fence between two or more pilings. This idea works well along sidewalks and entry ways, or if you are trying to create a visual barrier between different areas of your garden.

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24 inch Decorative Wooden Cedar Pilings