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48" Ship Wheel, Deluxe Class

48" Ship Wheel, Deluxe Class

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Item #:SW-101-48-D
List Price:$399.95
The 48" Deluxe Class Ships Wheel makes a huge nautical statement! Bring the adventure of the high seas home and show the world your love of all things nautical.

The Deluxe Class Ship Wheels are made from Acacia wood, which is extremely hard and strong. The middle is made of solid brass. Deluxe Class Ship Wheels have additional lacquer coating for higher polish, and are bulkier and heavier than the Standard Class Wheels. These decorative wheels are made to stand the test of time. If used outside we recommend that you reapply a lacquer coating once every couple years to ensure continued protection from the elements.

Please note that dimensions are measured from the end of one spoke across the item to the end of the opposite spoke.

Please note that this item does NOT qualify for our free shipping offer. They require special shipping arrangements. Please contact Wayzata Nautical with your shipping address for a personalized shipping quote.

48" Ship Wheel, Deluxe Class
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48" Ship Wheel, Deluxe Class